Young Man from Prijedor declared s an Engineer of the Year in the Company “Boeing“

engineer  of the year USAThere are innumerable stories about successful Bosnians and Herzegovinians who, after the hell of the war and exile, achieved remarkable carriers. The newest story comes from Seattle, Washington.

Vedad Mahmulyin was declared as the commercial aircraft engineer of the year of the company Boeing for 2014, because he found a solution for the plane Boeing 787-10 that uses the same horizontal and vertical stabilizer as the one used in Boeing 787-9.

This news has been issued in a regular newsletter published by the company Boeing, and the award for the engineer of the year is being awarded in three categories. In order to understand the importance of the recognition, it should be noted that Boeing is he greatest aircraft manufacturer in the world,  and the current number of employees is around 170.000.

Vedad Mahmulyin and his family survived a drama after the war started in BiH. They are originally from Kozarac near Prijedor. After the beginning of the war, his family sent him to Zagreb, from where he went to Turkey and graduated at Ozel Fatih College in Izmir. Finally, in 1994 he came to the USA to the State Washington. In 2000, he graduated at the George Washington University, and specialized for the field of aircraft engineering.

Vedad is married and has one daughter.

(Source: klix.ba)

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