Young Married Couple spent their Honeymoon in Bosnia and Herzegovina and recorded all the Beauties (video)


A young married couple from Tuzla, Damir and Mija Lutvija, decided to spend their honeymoon in Bosnia and Herzegovina and on their unusual journey, they met many beauties and shared their experience in a video, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Damir and Mija Lutvija were lucky enough to choose Bosnia and Herzegovina as their honeymoon destination during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Guided by the thought that it doesn’t matter where we are, just that we are together, we set off from Tuzla to Krajina, through Glamocko and Livanjsko Polje, central Bosnia to Herzegovina, all the way accompanied by inviolable ex-Yu hits,” says Damir Lutvija.

Transferring their experiences from this trip, he says that they were delighted with the scenes they saw, observing rivers, lakes, animals, but also landscapes, which they did not even know existed in our country.

“Best of all, we had so much more on the list that we didn’t even get to visit,” says this young man.



As is well known, the coronavirus pandemic has imposed different lifestyles on everyone. Numerous planned trips have been canceled, and the citizens of our country use their vacations to visit natural beauties throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Damir and Mija, on the other hand, show that a unique honeymoon, which remains in the memory for the rest of their lives, can be spent in our country as well.

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