Young Men from Sarajevo have a Solution for Water Reduction

water-reduction-solutionIn the past several weeks, one of the main topics in the capital of BiH was the evening water reductions. There is still not permanent solution, and one was offered by young people.

While the city authorities in Sarajevo have been trying to solve the problem of evening water reductions for years, Dino and Adnan, together with their colleagues, decided not to sit with their arms crossed. They offered their own invention as a possible solution to this problem.

“Our main product is essentially similar to a flushing cistern. It looks like a prismatic reservoir. It is easily mountable in every apartment, it is modular, you can adapt it to your needs. There are several packages offered. We are currently negotiating with many companies, and one of them is Bekto Precisa. That possibility is still not on the market and that is why we want to take advantage of this opportunity, with a young team behind it all,” said Adnan Vehabović.

Their invention, called Arqua, was presented to many investors who want to help them put the final product on the market as soon as possible.

“We are currently making our first prototype. We have been working on it for two months already. In a month, we will have the final prototype of the product. After that, we will get a chance to win the investment in the amount of 15.000 BAM, which we would use as our starting capital,” said Dino Bešić.

According to Adnan, the problem is not the end of the story for them. They are always looking for solutions, and their message to the young people is:

“There are so many problems around us. I invite all young people to activate, to try to solve some of them. There is truly a lot of space in our country and so many things exist in the world that have not reached BiH yet. All it takes is some browsing to understand what drives them to turn the ideas into actions. Who will change the world if we will not?,” said Adnan.

Adnan and Dino’s product might solve the problem with water reductions that the citizens of Sarajevo are struggling with. In order to achieve that, Adnan and Dino continue working hard on their product.

(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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