“Zelena Oaza” (Green Oasis) as Model for Revival of Posavina

The cross-border cooperation support for small and medium-sized businesses to launch agricultural development worth more than one million KM would connect BiH and Croatia through the project “Zelena Oaza”.

The Croatian Cultural Society (HKD) “Napredak” Sarajevo and the Foundation Open House-Center for Peace and Cultural Dialogue in BiH and the High School “Matija Antun Reljković” from Slavonski Brod in Croatia are partners of this two-year project that was presented in Garevac.

Funds from the IPA program will support the project.

“The project encourages the hope that ‘Zelena Oaza’ could be a model for reviving Posavina’’, it was said during the presentation.

This project would increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship in agricultural production in the area of Posavina, and will be financed with 85 percent of EU funds within the IPA cross-border program BiH-Croatia.

The project is open to all interested existing and potential farmers, family businesses, business cooperatives, students, women, unemployed people, professionals and volunteers.

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