Zeljko Komsic elected as a President of DF

zeljko komsicZeljko Komsic was re-elected as a president of DF at yesterday’s First congress of that party since its establishment.

Komsic got 348 votes from delegates of the party who also adopted the Statute of DF yesterday.

In his addressing to delegates after the announcement of voting results Komsic thanked for their trust and wished to be more president candidates at the next congress which would prove the greater strength of the party.

He called the adoption of the declaration “United Let for the United B&H“ at the congress a major change in the political life of B&H, by which DF undertook the commitment for interests of poor and deprived citizens of B&H.

Komsic said that he expects a fierce conflict of DF and parties that would still want to divide B&H and assured the public that our natural state is to be divided.

Also, members of the General and Supervisory Board were elected at the congress. The General Board will have 90 members while the Supervisory Board will have seven members. The General Board will then elect other organs of the party.

At the elections 2014, DF achieved significant results and formed the coalition at the state and federal level with SDA and HDZ.

However, shortly after the formation of the coalition, due to the opposition from the certain actions of other members, in June this year, DF left the government in the Federation of B&H and joined the opposition, since when there is a government crisis in this entity.

(Source: klix.ba/ Photo: avaz.ba)


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