Zenica- Helicopters Transported Citizens of the Flooded Areas Until Late in the Evening

zenicaThe situation at the area of Zenica municipality is extremely difficult and complicated. Residents of the affected areas are in much difficult situation than they thought when all this started. Areas of Željezno polje, Mjestova Ravan, Starina, Orahovica, Kolići, Smajići and Bistrica are in the most  difficult situation.

Rescuing teams with the great help of the helicopter teams did a great job. They transported people from the flooded areas during the entire day yesterday and in the villages Starina and Bistrica are many destroyed houses due to the landslide.

Helicopters of the B&H Armed Forces worked till was dark and they could not continue during the night because of the lack of equipments for night flights. Evacuated residents were transported near sports center of the Football Association in Zenica.

All of them who needed medical assistance were transported to the Cantonal Hospital in Zenica, where a large number of medical personnel and medical emergency team accepted them, while the others stayed in 7 Muslim Brigade Barracks in Zenica. House of pensioners and Students Dormitory in Zenica offered accommodation , where were placed older and ill people.

(Source: Fena)

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