“Zlatna Dzezva“ reaching a Record Sales in the USA

Zlatna dzezva

Sales of the Vispak‘s “Zlatna dzezva“ at the market of the USA in the first nine months of this year, is larger than the complete sales in 2014, as announced from this company.

Management of one of the most popular BH brands explains that the sales was increased primarily because of the quality of “Zlatna dzezva“, as well as the marketing campaign carried out by Vispak together with its partners at the market of the USA.

Success of “Zlatna dzezva“ was contributed by the sales in “ethno shops“. Then in 2013, the coffee was at the shelves of the American Walmart, the largest store chains in the world, after which it was included in the offer of Amazon, the world’s largest internet shop.

Armin Hodzic, Head of sales and marketing of Vispak, said that “Zlatna dzezva“ was initially requested by people from our area. As time was passing, “Zlatna dzezva“ as a synonym for the Bosnian coffee, became interesting to many Americans, and the world’s largest media companies such as CNN and BBC presented the uniqueness and the enjoyment of the Bosnian coffee as something people need to try.

“Several American media announced that they will again record reportage about Bosnian coffee at the beginning of 2016“, said Hodzic.

USA still has the most important place in the total export of “Zlatna dzezva“. After B&H, the real Bosnian coffee is being consumed the most in the USA, and then in Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc.



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