Zvizdic: Only the Government of the RS did not send Answers to Questions of EU

57cd5d86-4578-4ac6-9ca5-1ecc0a0a0a64-zvizdic-718x446Last year was most dynamic and the most successful when it comes to the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of BiH, according to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdic. He recalled that BiH submitted an application for membership in the EU in February last year and that we received a questionnaire with 3242 questions in September.

All the institutions in BiH, except the Government of the RS, already sent their answers to these questions and started with preparations for their processing and translation before sending them to Brussels.

“The European Commission did not determine any deadline for sending our answers, but they suggested that we should do it before the end of May. Among others, we need to translate about 20,000 pages of different laws, decisions and other documents. Regional countries received a large number of additional questions after sending their answers, mainly due to inadequate translation. That is the reason why I believe that it is better for our responses to have quality, because the quality should be our priority, and not to give answers quickly,” noted Zvizdic.

Talking about the economic indicators, he noted that all economic development indicators recorded an increase. Tens of thousands of new workplaces were opened. We are also still among the countries with the largest increase in the number of tourists that are visiting our country.

“For example, we reached the record amount of exports since the war in the amount of 950 million BAM in March this year. This represents an increase of 23 % compared to the export realized in March last year,” stated Zvizdic.

Zvizdic also talked on the topic of the construction of the fast road Sarajevo – Belgrade. He said that a number of meetings were held on this issue so far and that a trilateral meeting between representatives of BiH, Serbia, and investors from Turkey will take place very soon.


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