Zvizdić – Salkić: Security and Economic Support must be provided for Returnees in RS

zvizdic“It is crucial to include returnees in RS in the development projects and provide them with security and the constitutional right to study their language,” emphasized the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H, Denis Zvizdić, after yesterday’s meeting in Banja Luka with the Vice President of the Republic of Srpska (RS), Ramiz Salkić.

Zvizdić announced that all the programs of the Council of Ministers will be treating all returnees in B&H, with particular attention on the RS, in order to allow them to economically survive in places where they have returned.

At the meeting in Banja Luka, both Zvizdić and Salkić expressed their mutual concern over the frequent attacks on Bosniaks in RS, and Zvizdić stated that he will demand to immediately identify the perpetrators of these attacks from the relevant institutions, as well as to increase the security of Bosniak returnees in RS to the highest level, which is crucial for normal life and work.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers is confident that the constitutional category regarding the language that children of Bosniaks from the RS are learning, can be secured. He announced that all the levels of government will work, as he stated, on calming the existing tensions and relaxation of the situation as well as the work on joint projects that will lead to economic integration of B&H.

The Vice President of RS, Ramiz Salkić, asked Zvizdić to, within his capabilities, draw as much attention as possible to the return process and economic strengthening of returnees in the RS.

Salkić said that he has no information regarding the recent attack on Bosniak from Vrbanjci near Kotor Varoš, Nero Hanifić, adding that he wants to have a complete trust in the police of the RS and all the others who are leading the investigation of this incident.

He added that the perpetrators of previous attacks on Bosniaks in RS were identified and that he is expecting the same in this case.


(Source: faktor.ba)

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