Chairman of B&H Presidency Received Accredited Letter of Newly-Named Ambassador of Austria to B&H

komsicaustrijaThe Chairman of the B&H Presidency Željko Komšić received the Letters of Credence of the newly-named Ambassador of Austria to B&H Martin Pammer yesterday.

During the presentation of the Letters of Credence by the Ambassador of Austria to B&H, Pammer expressed his satisfaction with the good and friendly bilateral relations between B&H and Austria.

It was pointed out that the economic relations are intensive and that there is room to improve the ratio of trade, as well as cooperation in the areas of education, culture and sport.

Chairman Komšić expressed his gratitude for the continued support of Austria to B&H, and especially in the EU enlargement process.

The Austrian Ambassador said that the Austrian government and its people give full support to the integration of B&H and the region to the EU and NATO, because they see B&H as its neighbors.

(Source: Fena)

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