Zvizdic: The sooner we negotiate, the faster our EU Path will be

“As far as the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CoM of BiH) is concerned, high officials of the European Union (EU) will be welcomed with very positive information and results next week, because we have completed all our obligations from European agenda for BiH, “ said Denis Zvizdic, chairman of the CoM of BiH.

At that time, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, EU Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn, and European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker should come to BiH.

While visiting Dnevnik D at Federalna TV, Zvizdic said that they are great friends of BiH and the Western Balkans, adding that we will welcome them in a credible, serious and responsible manner.

“They come with positive messages, and the first and most important one is that the EU door is opened for BiH, as well as for the Western Balkans region, which is extremely important because membership and the EU accession process bring two important things to our region – peace stability and ultimately economic prosperity. Their message will be to avoid a radical rhetoric, to try to agree within BiH, to accept European norms and standards, to accept European values, and to negotiate, as soon as possible, within BiH, so that our path toward EU membership become faster, “ Zvizdic stated.

Zvizdic noted that in principle there are no dates that are precise for any country of the Western Balkans, and that Serbia and Montenegro a few steps ahead of other Western Balkan countries, according to the current dynamics of European integration. However, the most important message of the Enlargement Strategy, which was recently published by the EU, as Zvizdic emphasized, is that any country in line with its dynamics can be faster than other countries.

“So, in this process, BiH can surpass the countries which are in front of it at this moment, and that is our greatest chance. If we work fast, that also means that we can take the leading position,“ Zvizdic added.

He stated that it is very likely that the European Commission, after submission of the Questionnaire, would ask for further clarification, because it has been a practice for each of the countries in our region to which the EU has forwarded additional questions or requested clarifications.

“What matters is that we have a really organized and well-established Mechanism of Coordination that will help us to respond to additional questions quickly and efficiently,” Zvizdic added.



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