Zvizdic: State of BiH is the sole Holder of all State Property

I noted to all international (and domestic) officials who are dealing or are planning to deal with the topic of the state property that Dodik’s proposal is: “That the two entities and the Brčko District make an agreement and give consent to the idea that the property located on the territory of one entity belongs to that entity, the other to another, the property that is in the District is, therefore, to belong to the Brčko District and that is his solution”, which is in complete contradiction with international and domestic law and, of course, with the decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court,” wrote the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament Denis Zvizdić on his Facebook account.

He states that such ideas will certainly not have support in the BiH Parliament because the state property is a means of exercising public power and is closely related to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state, which exclusively belongs to the state – not the entities, which is the position of the Constitutional Court of BiH and the OHR.

“Furthermore, the standards that have been applied to all countries of the former Yugoslavia must also apply to BiH, which means that the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the sole holder of all state property. It is necessary to repeat once again that the Constitutional Court of BiH has determined that forests and forest land on the entire territory of BiH represent a public good that falls under state property, which is in the exclusive jurisdiction of the state of BiH. (And the decisions of the Constitutional Court are, according to the Constitution of BiH, final and binding),” stressed Zvizdić.

He adds that it would be good, having in mind that the so-called restitution mass, “that instead of the RS entity’s attempts to steal the state property, let’s pay more serious attention to the issue of restitution, i.e .denationalization, because we have practically remained among the few states in Europe that have not fulfilled that obligation”.

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