Ademovic: Secession threatens the State, economic Sanctions are the only Solution

Nedim Ademovic, a lawyer and expert in constitutional lawtalked about the current situation in our country and said that the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a parent who has three children – the Republika Srpska (RS), the Federation of BiH (FBiH), and the Brcko District.

“I must say that RS and FBiH do not listen as children and I think they should go to the Penitentiary a long time ago, but unfortunately, we do not have institutions that will help parents to implement it. Currently, these children are not obedient, but chaos is not completely performed only because there is probably a slightly stronger boy in a neighborhood who sympathizes with those parents, so they are not allowed to do that. “

In his opinion, the Brcko District is functioning well because it is a neuralgic point that is under the control of the international factor.

“It is a product, first of all of the United States (U.S.) policy, and we are all aware that this Brcko District is, in fact, a moment, a territory, a moment that must be completely under the control ofthe state. That is why it is in this position. No one should touch the Brcko District, everyone is aware of that now.”

Sanctions will certainly follow

Asked if there were elements for the State Prosecutor’s Office to react more aggressively, Ademovic replied: “The situation we are currently in is similar to, but much more serious, than asituation from a couple of years ago when Milorad Dodik held a referendum despite a temporary ban by the BiH Constitutional Court. Nowadays, there is a much more active international and diplomatic activity where we increasingly condemn that move and squeeze the framework in which Milorad Dodik and theteam in the SNSD are moving and trying to persuade him to stop now and return to legitimacy. To resolve this in a peaceful way.

There will certainly be sanctions against individuals, groups, perhaps even against the SNSD as a political organization that is being abused for this secessionist, anti-constitutional action and, of course, against legal entities that are most likely to finance such activities. It should all work out slowly. “

The Constitutional Court is the most successful institution in Dayton BiH

“You can’t believe that secession is happening right now and that a hundred people come out a maximum of two times. Everyone is sitting and waiting to see what will happen. Citizens must be active. 50% of our citizens live as a diaspora. They are totally cut off as a result of the inactivity of our public authority, but they are currently the strongest force. A part of the citizens was probably demoralized by the past war. People cannot find in themselves a glimmer of hope that will motivate them to become citizens.

This situation will be continued for a very long time

He thinks that economic sanctions are the solution to this crisis called secession.

“Today, money is everything. We should look for money flows and try to convince the international factor that the one who causes problems should be economically punished. I think that is the most efficient way.”



Source: Federalna



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