In less than 48 Hours, more than 30.000 BAM was collected for Dzenana Sokolovic, the Mother of the murdered Boy in War

After the humanitarian organization Pomozi.ba launched a campaign two days ago for Dzenana Sokolovic, a mother who today lives a difficult life with a total of 150 BAM of income, and whose seven-year-old son Nermin Divovic was killed in the war, while she was seriously wounded, in less than 48 hours,more than 30.000 BAM was collected.

Nermin was killed by a sniper bullet.

The good people have once again shown a big heart and are still paying money for mother Dzenana.

The fate of this woman is more difficult than you can imagine, and when we think that nothing can leave us speechless, we hear her story, the story of a woman who for years asked herself the question how is it possible? How is it possible for one bullet to pass through my body, kill my baby, get out of me and kill my little boy? How? How did I stay alive? Why? What is thistemptation that a mother has to deal with? We can’t even imagine what other thoughts have been going through Dzenana’s head all these years, ” it was published on the Pomozi.ba page.

This action is not finished yet and you can help with the call to number 17002 and donations via the web platform Pomozi.ba.

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