An Indictment has been filed against BiH Security Minister Selmo Cikotic

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has filed an indictment against the Minister of Security of BiH, Selmo Cikotic, a member of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA),” it was confirmed to agency Srna from this judicial institution.

“This is a case of high corruption,” the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH pointed out, adding that more details will be known today.

It was found out that the indictment was filed due to abuse of position and authority while Cikotic was performing the function of the Minister of Defense of BiH.

According to this information, Cikotic is accused of the “Skaut” affair, more precisely of illegally signing harmful contracts on the sale of surplus weapons and ammunition to the Croatian company “Scout”.

The BiH Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) filed a report against Cikotic last year on suspicion of damaging the BiH budget by more than 6.2 million BAM.

This report showed that Cikotic signed decisions on the sale of weapons and ammunition from 2006 to 2010, without the consent of the BiH Presidency.

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