105 Million Euros needed for the Railroad Sarajevo – Beograd

Sarajevo - Belgrade Railway klix.baAt least 1.5 million Euros will be needed for the modernization of the railroad that is to connect Sarajevo with Belgrade, stated the Ministry of Transport and Communications of B&H.

The plan of the authorities in B&H and the RS is to, with the international financial assistance, construct and modernize the railroad that will start from Banja Luka and connect to the railways in Croatia via Novi Grad and Dobrljin, in near future.

“The railroad Dobrljin – Novi Grad – Banja Luka – Doboj – Tuzla – Zvornik would open the possibility of the implementation of the project of fast railways in the Southeastern Europe, with an average speed of up to 160 kilometers per hour”, the Ministry of Transport and Communications of B&H stated.

Namely, at the summit on Western Balkans which is to be held on August 27th this year in Vienna the officials of B&H and Serbia will jointly present the project of the construction and modernization of the railroad Belgrade – Sarajevo, and ask for financial assistance for that project from the EU. The railroad that would connect Belgrade and Sarajevo would be on the route Sarajevo – Zenica – Doboj – Tuzla – Zvornik – Loznica – Valjevo – Belgrade.

The railway through B&H already exists but, according to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, modernization is necessary, primarily the electrification of the route Doboj – Tuzla – Zvornik for which, according to the estimations, around 90 million Euros are needed. Besides that, another of the more complex and more expensive works on that section would be the reconstruction of the tunnel Knezevici, which would cost more than 15 million Euros.

“The modernization of the railroad includes the reconstruction of the railway in order to realize higher speeds in accordance with the standards of the Trans-European Railway (TER) and the standards of the EU and, to achieve that, the electrification and modernization of the signal and safety and the telecommunications systems is needed”, stated the Ministry of Transport and Communications of B&H.

(Source: photo klix)

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