10,801 Pieces of Weapons collected and destroyed in BiH in 2017

Last year, a total of 10,801 pieces of weapons were collected and destroyed in our country, which represents an extraordinary result in comparison to years before, as stated by the Deputy Minister of Security in the Council of Ministers of BiH Mijo Kresic in Podgorica.

He also added that BiH started resolving the issue of the control of small and light weapons, and, besides harmonizing legislation and preventive action, he emphasized the record amount of seized and destroyed weapons in the past year, as announced by the Ministry of Security of BiH.

It was noted that BiH, as well as the entire region, should pay additional attention to this issue as it represents a threat to security of the Southeast Europe as well as the EU.

Kresic expressed the commitment of BiH to continue all the activities that will further strengthen domestic capacities in resolving this great security challenge.

Representatives of BiH met with the delegation of Serbia, which was led by the State Secretary of MIA Miloslav Milickovic, and they discussed different topics that refer to the aspect of security. They also expressed the need for more intensive cooperation.

During the conference, the representatives of BiH met with the delegation of Montenegro as well, which was led by State Secretary of MIA Dragan Pejanovic, and they exchanged experiences on the topic of control of small and light weapons, but also the increasingly frequent inflow of immigrants.

They expressed the need to continue the cooperation in projects related to joint border crossings, as well as other activities within signed agreements.

(Source: klix.ba)





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