Kosovo Force Delegation pays Visit to EUFOR

Following COMEUFOR’s informative and successful visit to Kosovo Force (Enduring Commitment) last week, it was EUFOR’s turn to host a delegation from KFOR to continue the well-established cooperation between the Operations. EUFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Gábor Horváth, welcomed Deputy Commander KFOR (DCOM KFOR) Brigadier General János Csombók for a flying visit to Camp Butmir on Wednesday.

The Generals discussed the security situation in the Western Balkans, and their similar mandates: the support of Safe and Secure Environments for the local population. The two generals also discussed their roles as respective Exercise Directors for the large-scale multi-national military exercises both missions run to ensure that they are fully prepared to regain control should the safe and secure environment require it.

Formal cooperation is conducted under what is known as ‘Berlin Plus’ arrangements, where various NATO units and battalions can be called in to support EUFOR’s in-theatre troops. The KFOR Tactical Reserve Battalion participated in EUFOR’s Exercise Quick Response 17, and the generals discussed how to continue this cooperation.

EUFOR’s network of Liaison and Observation Teams throughout BiH was a topic of discussion, with DCOM KFOR explaining that EUFOR’s success in ‘feeling the pulse’ of the country with its network of EUFOR LOT Houses had led KFOR to establish its Liaison and Monitoring Teams. The generals ended with the agreement that sharing good practice and exercise opportunities would benefit the personnel of the two missions, and therefore the population of the wider Western Balkans region.

(Source: eufor)

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