Town of Žepče: Exports were increased by 60 Percent

zepce (ekapija)Entrepreneurs from Municipality of Žepče continue with good export results. In 2014, exports in this municipality amounted to 65.363.859,18 BAM. As compared to 2013 (39.417.894,70 BAM) an increase by 60 percent, announced the  Director of Development Agency Žepče (RAŽ) Branka Janko.

“The market has extended to 26 different states. The largest share of exports occupies the German market (32.457.221, 27 BAM), followed by Croatia (6.521.501, 99 BAM), Slovenia (6.120.673, 46 BAM), Czech Republic (5.319.217, 23 BAM), Italy (3.760.188, 30 BAM) and Sweden (3.114.888, 80 BAM), France (2.886.388, 76 BAM) and Austria (2.014.355, 60 BAM). Export was carried out in Montenegro, Serbia, the Netherlands, Hungary and Belgium. On the 14th place is China, followed by the Russian Federation (20th place), United Arab Emirates (21th place), United States (25th) and Portugal at the last 26th place, ” added Janko.

Goods exported from the municipality of Žepče are mainly textile products (zippers, buttons, clothing), metal processing products (various types of trailers) and wood products (prefabricated houses, mattresses and bedding, kitchen and bedroom furniture).

“Imports in 2014 amounted to 76.593.801 BAM, as compared to 2013 (50.996.585, 84 BAM) an increase of 66 percent.” added Janko.

(Source: Ekapija)

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