Novelty in City of Trebinje’s tourist offer

honey-exportTrebinje’s tourist offer is richer for the first Herzegovinian medoteka (a store selling honey and products made from honey), which was opened on the property of Nebojsa Ljubibratic near the Trebinje-Dubrovnik highway.

Visitors to the first Herzegovinian medoteka will be given the opportunity to taste Herzegovinian honey and honey products, indigenous Herzegovinian specialties such as ham, cheese and strawberries.

This will be an additional promotion of Herzegovinian honey as one of the most important of gastro-touristic offer of Trebinje city.

“Since it is located along a very frequent road, medoteka represents a true example of presenting own domestic products to a greater number of visitors and tourists. We hope this is only the first in a series of shops to be opened in the future and create a recognizable tourist offer” is stated from the Trebinje Tourist Organization.

(Source: akta)

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