120 Investors arriving to Trebinje

Investors in Trebinje novosti.rsIn order to become a real tourist city, Trebinje needs investors, and the first opportunity to attract them the city on the Trebisnjica River will have on September 18th and 19th, when it will host 120 investors at the Great Investment Conference organized by the Foundation Konrad Adenauer, announced the first man of Trebinje.

“I want to thank the Director of the foundation, Mr Dumel, who came up with that idea and persevered. Trebinje will host a gathering which had not occurred in B&H before, at which the local community as well as our neighbors will present themselves to the investors”, Vucurevic said.

The representatives from the Foreign Trade Chamber of Germany and the German Embassy, the representatives from this foundation, private enterprises and international funds and organizations which invest in B&H will arrive in Trebinje, the Mayor announced. It is on the host to take advantage of this opportunity in the right way.

“Trebinje will present what it has and what it offers to the potential investors, but also our development plans. We will try to attract primarily German investors”, said Vucurevic.

Besides the host, cities from Montenegro and possibly from Croatia will also present themselves at the conference so, according to the Mayor of Trebinje, it is an opportunity for the neighbors to connect in a joint offer and attract investors jointly.


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