Student of Burch University Wins a Silver Medal at the Balkan Championship

judoMember of the judo club Bosna and student of BURCH University Rijad Dedeić , finished second in the Balkan Judo Championship held in Sofia on the 5th of September 2015 for seniors.

This is the sixth competition for Rijad in the Balkan Championships. Until now Rijad won four first and two second places. The victory had escaped narrowly and although our champion has succeeded the conquer the winner of the tournament in the group phases, unfortunately in the finals he was unable to repeat the victory.

“I am pleased with the achieved result. I think I defended the colours of our flag and proudly deliver the silver medal in this year’s competition. This is for me a very good introduction for the upcoming competition. Now I am getting prepared for the European Championship and the European Cup, “he said, Dedeić adding that he is thankful to people who were with him and supported him during the preparations and on departure to Sofia.

“I really have to thank my judo club Bosna, which is my moral and financial support, and also a great gratitude BURCH University who supported me every time.”

(Source: burch)

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