FM Crnadak met with the DA Secretary of State of the United States

crnadak hoyt brian yee USAForeign Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Igor Crnadak met in Dubrovnik, Croatia, with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of the United States Hoyt Brian Yee. At the meeting, they spoke about the political situation in BiH and the continuation of the support provided by the US administration in conducting reforms and securing the rule of law in BiH.

For his part Minister Crnadak spoke about the intention of BiH to send the answers from the European Commission Questionnaire as soon as possible and to begin obtain the candidate status for EU membership in early 2018.

During the meeting, they discussed the initiative of Croatian representatives on amending the Election Law, adoption of the Excise Act and preparations for the Summit in Trieste.

BH Chief of Diplomacy stressed that strong support to the Dayton Agreement from the USA is of crucial importance for stability in BiH.

(Source: fena)



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