Interesting Story: Horse loves to eat Cevapies!

Many times, interesting animals from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) thrilled the users of social networks, and certainly the same will be with horse Zekan from Travnik city, located some 90 kilometers northwest of the capital Sarajevo.

Namely, everyone who sees this horse is simply thrilled with its interestingness, because this is probably the only horse in the world who loves to eat Bosnian cevapi (a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of skinless sausage)

His owner fed him with the first-class cevapi, and all visitors on the market were surprised.  “Only what this horse does not do is speaking. He comes to the house and eats what you eat at the table. Now you saw how he is eating cevapi, this cannot be seen anywhere in the world,” Zahir Klepic, owner of this horse, said.

(Source: radiosarajevo)



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