Syrian asks for Help after being separated from his 5 Years old Daughter

One of the Syrian refugees who was returned by the Croatian police in the territory of BiH, asked all people to help him find his five-year-old daughter who stayed in Croatia

In a video released on major social networks, he said that Croatian policemen did not believe him that he has a daughter, and he was “pushed into the car and returned back to BiH.”

Namely, this single father from Syria is seeking help in finding his five-year-old daughter from which he was separated on the locality of Plitvice Lakes.

As he said in a video, he managed to enter in Croatia via Bihac city in BiH,  and after a two-day hike, managed to come to the village of Smoljanac near the Plitvice Lakes.

“We did not have any food and I went to the local store to buy the food, where the Croatian police caught me, pushed me into the car and sent back to Bosnia.” I told them that my daughter is there, but they did not believe me,” Syrian said.

(Source: twitter)



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