15 Million Euros for Projects for Efficient Courts and Prosecutor’s Offices

The BiH Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury Edita Đapo spoke in Sarajevo with the Head of the BiH Office for the European Union Commission Paola Pampaloni on the implementation of projects agreed on under the structural dialogue between BiH and the EU, and which are linked to a more efficient resolution of cases in prosecutors ‘offices and courts at all levels, especially those in the area of war crimes.

Pampaloni said that BiH would receive 15 million euros for those projects, and because of this the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH has an important role in its implementation.

The Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury of BiH said that the Ministry would give full support in the realization of this project within its jurisdiction, and expects active engagement of other institutions that would be a part of this EU-financed project.

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