27th Anniversary of Death of Eight Children marked in Vitez


The 27th anniversary of the death of eight children while they were playing, was marked on Wednesday in Vitez.

The children were killed in the explosion of a grenade fired from the position of the Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On June 10, 1993, five children were killed immediatley, three died in the hospital, and six children were injured.

In that attack, Ivan Garic from Vitez lost his brother and sister, while he was wounded.

“I lost my brother and sister, and I was wounded, now I am 70 percent disabled,” Garic said for Fena news agency.

The families of the murdered children, he says, are disappointed by the ignorant attitude of the public and all levels of government towards this crime, as well as by the fact that no one has been prosecuted to date.

“The public in BiH does not know at all about this crime in which eight children were killed, not to mention that no one was held accountable. We are disappointed in everything, from the state to the local government, from which, until two years ago, we could not get an urban and building permit for the memorial. There is no talk of a street dedicated to these children in Vitez,” Garic emphasized.

According to him, the commemoration of the anniversary of the suffering is held exclusively in the organization of the families of the victims.



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