Arsenal of Weapons found in Srebrenica

Local police arrested a person from Srebrenica whose initials are IS, after searching the facilities he uses and found an arsenal of weapons.

Based on the order of the Basic Court in Srebrenica, the police searched the facilities used by the suspect and found and confiscated a machine gun, two hand grenades, 21 hand grenades, tromblon mines, a large number of caps and detonators with wires, more than 3,700 pieces of ammunition of various calibers and other items that can serve as evidence in criminal proceedings, the Zvornik Police Department said in a press release.

Previously, the police officers acted upon the report from Monday, August 17, that in the Srebrenica town of Sase, the person I.S. threatened to use the weapon, who then voluntarily handed over a hunting rifle with the ammunition belonging to them.

The prosecutor of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bijeljina was informed about the case, and a report will be filed against the suspect for the criminal offenses of endangering security and illicit production and trafficking of weapons or explosives.

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