Cantonal Court ordered One Month Detention for Moroccan who confessed a Murder of Migrant

The Cantonal Court in Sarajevo has ordered a one-month detention for a Moroccan suspect who confessed to the murder of a migrant in Ilidza, and the Court ordered him into custody due to the danger of the suspect fleeing.

The body of a man was found in Kasindolska Street in Ilidza on Monday, and the police determined upon arrival at the scene that it was a migrant who was killed with a knife, and that the murder was preceded by a fight, Klix.ba news portal reports.

After the murder, two people were detained, one suspected of committing the murder and the other who aided in the commission of that act. The suspects as well as the victim are Moroccan nationals. Maroccan, who is suspected of murder, admitted that he stabbed the victim with a knife, and the other suspect was released because he received the status of a witness.

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