More than 16,800 Tourist Vouchers used in Republika Srpska

The Minister of Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Srpska, Suzana Gasic, stated that more than 16,800 tourist vouchers have been used throughout the Republika Srpska so far. Gasic stated that most visits were recorded in spa centers, as well as in the ethno-village Stanisici near Bijeljina and Jahorina, and a large number of visitors are recorded in national parks, as well as Trebinje, Swot writes.

She told Glas Srpske that small rural households had a good attendance during the past summer and that it turned out that this is a segment in which to invest, that is, that rural tourism is a great chance for Republika Srpska.

Gasic reminded that tourist vouchers are a measure that was adopted with the aim of helping the economy, and that wintering with vouchers will depend on the epidemiological situation. She pointed out that the pandemic had a negative impact on both the tourism sector and the trade sector, and that in the first eight months of this year there was a drop of about 40% in the collection of sojourn tax, while tourists decreased by about 50%.

According to the reports of the Employment Bureau of the Republika Srpska, Gasic reminded that from the middle of March to October this year, about 14,300 workers were registered in their records.

”In the same period, 14,700 workers were deregistered from the records of the Bureau due to finding employment or self-employment, so we can talk about an increase in the number of employees by about 400 workers and a noticeable positive trend in employment and labor turnover,” said Gasic.

She added that in the trade and catering sector, according to available data, 400 workers lost their jobs in the trade sector and 300 in the catering sector.

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