When will Russia approve the payment of the clearing Debt to BiH?

The Russian Federation approved the payment of the clearing debt to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the amount of 125.1 million dollars, according to Nezavisne novine.

As was highlighted by the Russian Embassy in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the payment was approved on July 20th this year and the full amount should be payed to the appropriate institutions of BiH by September 5th of this year.

According to the diplomat note forwarded to the Nezavisne novine, which the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gratitude was expressed to Russia for the fulfilled procedures in the preparations for payment of the debt.

“The Ministry has the honor to confirm the delivery of the Russian Ministry’s note 10-608N from July 20th, 2017 in relation to fulfilling all the internal legal procedures needed for the agreement between the Council of Ministers of BiH and the Government of the Russian Federation regarding regulating the liabilities of the former Soviet Union and the former Yugoslavia, which was signed on March 21st in Moscow, to come into effect,” the note reads.

Igor Crnadak, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH, confirmed that the agreed upon deadline starts on July 20th, as the two ministries agreed in the notes.

He noted that completing the agreement is a significant success of Council of Ministers because, as he said, it’s solving a question about a debt that exists for a long period of time.

“The Republika Srpska will be getting 60 million BAM, which is a significant amount of funds for it. I hope that the Government of RS will use the funds in a smart manner and that it won’t go towards patching up budgetary holes or returning debts that were accrued in the last several years. I also hope that these funds will be used for some strategic projects for RS or that a road, bridge, school or hospital that will be useful for the residents of RS,” Crnadak said for Nezavisne novine.

The Ministry of Finances of RS, as they told us, welcome the latest activities in relation to the Agreement on the Russian clearing debt, which is of equal significance for all levels of government of BiH.



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