Unknown Persons damage Monuments to anti-fascist Victims of World War II in Stolac


Monuments to anti-fascist victims of World War II in Stolac, as well as those dedicated to Croatian Defence Council crimes in the last war, were damaged on Sunday night.

The central monument to the fallen fighters of the People’s Republic of Croatia and the victims of fascism was damaged and painted, as well as the plaque in front of the Kostana Hospital, the HVO and HV concentration camp and torture center for Bosniaks in Stolac, activist Demir Mahmutcehajic wrote on his profile, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Federal representative of the Independent Bloc Amer Obradovic also commented on the unpleasant scenes, saying that this is one of the proofs why organizing a mass for the victims of Bleiburg is wrong, because it evokes historical revisionism and neo-fascism, which has not been lacking in Stolac since the early 1990s.

“As long as the local government, as well as the entity and state ones, sponsors and motivates these ‘black people’, it is clear that the ideologies of evil will be alive and dangerous. In Stolac, it is especially important to defeat them. If we defeat them in Stolac, we will win, “Obradovic wrote on his Twitter profile.





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