Izetbegovic: Meeting with Plenkovic is a very important Step for Relations between Bosniaks and Croats

The visit of political leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the capital of neighboring Croatia is still an important topic in both countries, and SDA party President Bakir Izetbegovic also spoke about it in his latest media appearance.

“I believe that the meeting with Plenkovic is a very important step for the relations between Bosniaks and Croats, and for the relations between Croatia and BiH. Plenkovic is well-educated and experienced politician who will be a very influential leader in Croatia for a long time. It started with a classic meeting and continued with a working dinner. It lasted for hours, and we relaxed difficult topics with interesting memories and non-political topics. However, everything important was said from both sides, without quarrels and harsh words, “Izetbegovic said in an interview for Vecernji List.

The topic was the frustrations of BiH Croats related to the legitimacy of representatives, he added, and Bosniak frustrations arising from the blockade of the formation of a new convocation of the Federation Government and the blockade of the Federation Constitutional Court and obstructive cooperation between HDZ and SNSD instead of constructive cooperation between SDA and HDZ, Klix.ba news portal reports.

“It is natural that the Croatian leadership supports Croats in BiH, it is only a question of how this will be done. A smart approach that can yield results is support for reconciliation with Bosniaks, because 60% of BiH Croats live mixed with Bosniaks,” he said among other things.

If the HDZ had an alternative at the moment, such as the SDA, the party would be more cooperative, would not allow itself many things to provoke Bosniaks, reduce the chances of an agreement and increase the chances of repeating what the HDZ calls the ‘Komsic case’. We acted according to the law in the election of Central Electoral Commission members, but not according to the will of the HDZ, because in those days the HDZ and the SNSD, against their will and without consulting the SDA, tried to remove foreign judges from the BiH Constitutional Court, “he said.


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