Chestnuts from Bosnia placed on the Foreign Markets

Region around Cazin in Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for chestnut production. In the past, the annual processing and production in the plants of “Agrokomerc” reached five thousand tons, and many households lived decently from growing and collecting chestnuts. Today it is different.

However, in recent years, chestnut cultivation has continued. The tradition of growing chestnuts, which was a lucrative business for many residents of the Cazin region, and was interrupted by the war, has continued and more and more people see their existence in this business, BHRT writes.

Numerous stories have been told about the Krajina chestnut. This product is in demand in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany and other countries. And the fact that about 60 people are employed here, and about 500 subcontractors are hired, speaks best about the potential of chestnuts.

“We are engaged in agriculture, but let’s use the days when chestnuts are growing… Based on how much we knew how to find before, I am very satisfied because there are a lot more chestnuts now. I bring it, sell it and go home satisfied ”, says Denis Bekonjic Cehic.

In these plants, chestnuts are processed, then frozen, and during the winter they are sorted and placed on the foreign market. Most of these goods are exported to Switzerland and France. Partly as a finished product and partly as a semi-finished product for processing chestnut puree.

Last year, about 350 tons were bought here, this year already 700, and by the end of the season they expect another hundred tons of chestnuts. 

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