20 Years in Bosnia, 20 Years in Sweden: From Sweden to Banja Luka on a Bike

Nedim Prlja Cycling klix.baNedim Prlja is a cycling enthusiast, and this summer he cycled from Sweden to Banja Lua. He recorded his trip on camera, making a video titled “Na pola puta”, which symbolizes his life path.

Nedim originates from Banja Luka, and he has been living in Malmo, Sweden since 1995.

“Cycling through Europe is the crown of the past 20 years in wilderness outside of homeland. Twenty years in Bosnia, twenty years in Sweden, and in the best case this much more, gives the story its title ‘Na pola puta’ (Half Way There) “, Prlja explained.

Prlja added that the intro photograph in the video is just another puzzle from the entire past period: childhood photos, his first LP plate, a gift from a friend he lost during the war.

Prlja began his journey in Malmo, continued via Berlin and Dresden, and got to Prague.

(Source: klix.ba)

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