He was once afraid of Heights, now he can’t imagine doing something else

Chimney Sweeper Mostar klix.baHadžija Gaš is the only chimney sweeper in Mostar. He has been cleaning and preparing chimneys across Herzegovina for the new season for almost thirty years now.

Although one part of population opts for new ways of heating, many households still use wood for heating which keeps this vocation alive up to this day. Hadžija is currently the only one who preserves this occupation from oblivion.

“I never thought I will be doing this for almost my entire life. After I lost my job at Sokol, my friend Mirko Mravak invited me to the enterprise in Ploče which hired chimney sweepers. I needed a job, although I had no experience. I am grateful for that opportunity, since I got to love the chimney sweeper job already from the first time I did it”, Hadžija said.

Doing the chimney sweeper’s job for the first time, Hadžija highlighted that he was only afraid of great heights.

“I must admit I was afraid of height when I climbed a building for the first time to do my job. After that, the fear was gone and I got t love this job. It was difficult for me to get used to wearing equipment with me, since the cleansing ball only is 10 kilograms heavy. However, I overcame all those obstacles and today I cannot imagine myself doing something else”, Hadžija said.

Hadžija said he is satisfied with the amount of work.

“People are cleaning chimneys for at least twice per year. Over time, I gained permanent customers, from Mostar all the way down to Neum”, Hadžija proudly said.

(Source: klix.ba)

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