26th Anniversary of Killings of Croatians marked in Uzodol

The 26th anniversary of the killing of 29 Croatian civilians and 12 members of the Croat Defense Council was marked on Saturday in Uzdol, Federal News Agency reports.

The commemoration program began by laying wreaths and lighting candles at the Memorial Center, with the Holy Mass led by Msgr. Ilija Janjic, Bishop of Kotor.

Representatives of veterans’ associations, cultural and religious life, as well as legislative and executive officials of all levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the President of the Croatian National Assembly and the HDZ BiH, Dragan Covic, gathered to mark the anniversary in Uzdol.

The crime in Uzdol occurred on September 14, 1993 when the members of BiH Army killed 41 people, 29 civilians and 12 HVO members.

The trial of a member of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina before the Court of BiH is underway at the War Crimes Chamber, and a verdict for the massacre of Croats in Uzdol is scheduled for September 27.


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