2nd annual Itchy-Scratching Film Festival open for film submission

itchingItching-Scratching Film Festival is happy to announce that the submission of films for participation on festival is open until 30 May 2013. The Itching-Scratching committee will consider short films, feature films and documentary films made by BIH and Danish filmmakers.

The directors of those films which the committee find most interesting will be invited to be our guests and to participate in the workshops during the festival.

This year the festival is taking place 1-3 November 2013. in the Danish city of Aarhus.

The Itching Scratching film festival is an annual cultural event that takes place in Aarhus, Denmark, first week of November.

The idea with this kind of film festival is to show the audience what the young, up-and-coming directors from Denmark (DK) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) have been making for the past couple of years and how their work can be compared.

The festival provides a platform for the exposure of unknown and still to be renowned filmmakers and thus contributes to a greater understanding of their work and talent.

What these two small countries have in common is a great, proud and award winning filmmaking tradition. Films like Babette’s Feast, In a Better World, No Man’s Land and Grbavica are just few examples.

What are the similarities between these two countries’ talented directors’ work and where does their filmmaking diverge? Which stories do they choose to tell?

The aim of this festival is to create a new, inspiring network for all film enthusiasts and to show the audience something different – films that you have never seen.

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