2nd Tuzla Film Festival Of South Slavic Films

tff_logoBy: Maja Tuljković

From 18-22 September, Tuzla will be the host of the 2nd Tuzla Film Festival of South Slavic Film, which is organized by Magic Factory. During the five days of the festival, around one hundred films from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro and B&H will be shown, and the expert jury will hand out awards for the best films in the feature, documentary, short and animated categories.

‘’At the 2nd Tuzla Film Festival, seven feature films will be shown, and the opening will begin with the film ‘Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker’ by Danis Tanović in BKC Tuzla. There will also be two places for screenings-the Summer Cinema Mladost and Kino Kaleideskop, where short films, animated and documentary films will be shown’’, said the Director of Tuzla Film Festival Boris Balta for ‘Sarajevo Times’.

In addition to films, workshops will be held, as well as ‘Coffee With the Famous’’ every day at 12:30. The President of the jury for feature films is Nikola Kojo. Other members of the jury include Dalibor Matanić and last year’s winner of TFF Miroslav Momčilović.

‘’Guest of the festival is a man from Hollywood, Jorge Fuentes, a music producer of Miami Records. He will meet with producers and journalists from B&H and explain to them how music and film distribution functions, how money is invested, the value of film as credit in the world, how the division of shares looks in films or in music’’, said Balta.

The official opening of the 2nd Tuzla Film Festival will be 18 September at BKC in Tuzla at 18:30.

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