3.5 million EUR worth Investment: Construction of ‘Terme-Ozren’ in Kakmuz

ozren terme

The company “Milojevic-Gilje Gas” Ltd Bijeljina, has started the construction of “Terme-Ozren” in Kakmuz, in the Municipality of Petrovo.

As confirmed by the company, all works are going ahead as planned.

“In the first phase, we will construct a modern gas station, and an outdoor pool which will be located within the complex,” as explained by the company “Milojevic-Gilje gas”.

They explained that the previous months were used to obtain necessary permits and approvals for the construction and conceptual design of the complex, whose construction should be finished at the end of 2019.

The complex will include 15,000 square meters of covered area, which will include the following: three outdoor and four indoor pools with thermal water, 60 rooms, seven suites, 140 beds, a restaurant, solemn hall with a 700 guest capacity, a conference room, health center and a gas station, including both indoor and outdoor facilities.

According to the investor, this project will require an investment of between 3 to 3.5 million EUR.

Judging by the announcements of the future owner of the complex “Terme Ozren”, it will occupy a very important place on the tourist map of the RS, BiH and the wider region very soon. If we take into account that it will open dozens of new work positions, it is realistic to believe that Petrovo will experience fast progress and development.

The company bought Terme Ozren last year and announced listed investments.



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