WTO: B&H in the World Top according to the Growth of Tourist Visits

tourismLast year, the world tourism recorded a record 1.2 billion international visits, which is 50 million or 4.4 % more than in 2014, and B&H is on the list of countries that have recorded the most significant increase of tourist visits, as stated in the report of the World Tourism organization (UNWTO).

Among the world’s leading destinations are Spain, China, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Mexico and Russia.

Among the top 10 countries which recorded increase of foreign tourists last year is B&H, right after Japan and Iceland.

According to the data of UNWTO, a total of 28.2 % more tourists visited B&H last year than in 2014, which is why B&H found itself before the exotic countries such as Panama, Thailand and the Seychelles, countries that also recorded an increase in tourist visits.

The World Tourism Organization stated that considering the positive trends in demand, similar increase is expected in the following year as well.


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