3 Successful Bosnian Women who “Rock” Sweden

548014ee-b550-42db-b2e6-21b8d973813e-dzenita-abaza-aida-amela-previewIf life stories of Aida Hadžalić from Foča, Amela Hodžić from Prijedor and Dženita Abaza from Sarajevo would become films, they would immediately become blockbusters as well. The three of them came to Sweden as refugees while today they are among top political personalities in that country.

Work is the key to success

Behind the success they achieved, there is only hard work. They fought for it. All the things they went through in their lives remain in their memory, from trying to save their own lives in B&H, through constant education and work in Sweden (and it took a lot of effort to do it since they weren’t native Swedish women) to the high political positions they have now. All three of them are members of the Swedish Social-democratic party.

Aida Hadžalić became famous in her own country after she was recently elected for the post of the new Minister of education in Sweden. At the age of 27, she became the youngest Minister in the history of Sweden where she came as a refugee in 1992.

In Sweden, she finished high school, graduated law and right after receiving her diploma, became deputy of the mayor of Halmstad. Last year she was positioned 10th on the list of Sweden’s greatest talents.

After taking the Minister’s post, she stated that her biggest mission to achieve is to make Swedish schools the best schools in the world and that she is planning to do that by investing into teachers.

She also stated for the Swedish media that she is going to do her best to be a good ambassador and representative of B&H in Sweden and in the world. And when it comes to B&H, she says:

“We should stick to the saying: Don’t ask what the state can do for you, but ask yourself what you can do for the state. That is enough. Working for your country means working for yourself and all the citizens.”

No use of just talking

Amela Hodžić is 40 years old and was recently elected for the Minister in the Government of the Skana region, or more precisely, of the Southern Swedish region. Before that, she was Head of Office of the mayor of Malmo.

In the government she obtained a great part of responsibility – she is in charge of the strategic development and personnel policy. In other words, she is responsible of the entire development of the Southern region of Sweden including employment but personnel policy in all institutions as well. She came to Sweden as a refugee from Prijedor, along with her parents and her brother. After obtaining her Master’s degree in history of economics and German language, she was, two years in a row, declared for the best economics counsellor in Sweden.

“I definitely see my position as a recognition to my country as well, a country full of intelligent young people to who the authorities must give a chance” – stated Amela Hodžić for the Swedish media.

51 years old Dženita Abaza from Sarajevo is also highly positioned since last month. She is the new mayor of the town Kalmar. She is an economist specialized in social issues and those related to the labour market.

“There is no use of just talking, I see my position as a great honour and responsibility. All that matters is work and the things I am planning to do. But, I must say I see this post as a recognition to all Bosnians who integrated successfully in the social life of Sweden.” – said Abaza.

But we shouldn’t forget men. Jasenko Omanović, elected for the 3rd time as a social-democrat delegate at the Swedish Parliament, Riksdag. He is also known as one of the most successful Swedish politicians.
“Social democracy is a way of thinking and working so that we all could develop in a society which isn’t exclusively reserved for the strong ones. The key to success is knowledge and stimulating employment and solidarity.” – said Jasenko Omanović.

(Source: Dnevni-list.ba / Depo Portal / Blin Magazin)

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