3,777 Shells fired at Sarajevo on the 22nd of July 1993!

The record of 3,777 grenades fired at Sarajevo in one day was recorded on July 22nd, 1993.

The grenades caused great damage, and the greatest damage was suffered by civil, cultural and religious buildings. People were killed and civil, cultural and religious buildings were demolished, even hospitals. During the siege of Sarajevo, on average 329 shells fell on Sarajevo daily.

During the siege of Sarajevo which lasted for four years, 120 mortars and 250 tanks of the Jugoslovenian Army (JNA) were stationed on the hills surrounding Sarajevo, which later fell under control of the Army of the Republic of Srpska. Their aim was torture the population with hunger and demoralization of the residents in the cruellest ways.

A terrifying example is the massacre at the Markale market, where in February 1994 grenades fired from the Serbian positions at Špicasta stijena hit a mass of people and took the lives of 68 citizens of Sarajevo.

During the siege of Sarajevo 12,000 people were killed, among which 1,500 were children, and 50,000 people were lightly or seriously injured.

The siege finally ended on the 26th of February 1996. The Sarajevo siege, which lasted for 1425 days, is one of the longest in the history of modern warfare.


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