More than 570 Thousand Tourists and 1.1 Million Overnight Stay in FB&H

turisti577.077  was the total number of tourists in 2013 in FB&H, which is 16.5 % more than in 2012. 28,8 percent were local tourists and 71,2 percent foreign tourists.

According to the FB&H Department for Statistics, the total number of tourists overnight stay in 2013 was 1.135.324, which is 13,7 % more than in 2012. 27,2 % is the overnight stay of local tourists and 72,8 % the overnight stay of foreign tourists.

In the structure of foreign tourists, most overnight stays are achieved by tourists from Croatia (14.1 percent), Turkey (12.2 percent), Poland (9.4 percent), Italy (6.5 percent) and Slovenia (6.2 percent) making a total of 48.4 percent. Tourists from other countries realized 51.6 percent overnight stays.

(Source: Fena)

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