6,300 new Cars imported in B&H in 2015

Imported Vehicles tip.baInstitute for Economic Engineering (IPI) from Zenica presented yesterday in Sarajevo the report on technical condition of vehicles, average age and other details regarding the rolling stocks in the FB&H for 2015. Cars driven in FB&H are 17 years old on average and, when it comes to the import of new vehicles, 6,300 new cars were imported in 2015.

The presented statistical data on the technical condition and conditions in which cars are driven in B&H are not encouraging at all. Economic situation in the country, politics and nonconformity of the laws have a significant impact the usage of vehicles older than 17 years at the territory of FB&H.

“The rolling stocks are, unfortunately, a grim reality. The number of vehicles that have undergone technical inspection at the territory of FB&H in 2015 slightly exceeds 657,000. Majority of those vehicles are older types of cars, but 6,300 new cars were also imported in B&H in the past year,” director of IPI Fuad Klisura said.

During technical inspections in 2015, 26,000 cars have been registered and the most common failures are defective brakes.

In order to stop the trend of growth of the number of old cars being driven in the FB&H, the IPI primarily suggests that this issue gets regulated by a law. In other words, import of cars should be limited to Euro 4 engines.

It is also important to highlight that there is a large number of technical inspection stations at the territory of FB&H that are being opened without some specific systematization. Namely, more technical inspection stations are necessary in the Sarajevo Canton, given the number of cars.

(Source: klix.ba)

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