9000 Military Apartments Returned to Pre-War Inhabitants

loris_sarajevoIn FB&H, there are around 12.000 military apartments, of which 9.000 were returned to previous owners or those who hold the tenancy rights, while around 3.000 were given to the disposal of the B&H, and of which for around 1.5000 apartments were not filed in a request for a refund.

The FB&H government recently reviewed and accepted the report of the Commission for the exchange of information on military apartments with the RS and Montenegro.

Member of the Commission Dilavor Gogalija told Fena that the FB&H government was informed about the previous data exchange with the relevant authorities of the two neighboring countries, and the results of these activities, including data on people who were insured housing in Montenegro and Serbia, and who were previously holders of tenancy rights in apartments in the area of the FB&H.

It was said that this activity, when it comes to sharing data with Montenegro, has finished, and that the Commission is currently focused on gathering information on 1.267 people, former carriers of tenancy rights in the FB&H, and who are presumably living in Serbia.

(Source: Fena)

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