A Bosnian Woman as the Miss of Australia: The World went mad for her!

Monika Radulovic Miss Universe Australia objektivno.baMonika Radulovic became the Miss Universe of Australia earlier this year, and Europe is mesmerized by her beauty.

This 24-year-old brunette posted a photo on her Instagram account wearing leopard bikini with a caption “Guys, we’re here”. The photo was taken at the island Hayman, where she is enjoying with her boyfriend, painter Alesandro Ljubicic.

Her boyfriend as well posted a photo on the social networks showing them enjoying a boat ride, and discovering they have been together for three years and two months.

The British “Daily Mail” also reported on the beautiful Monika.

Monika will represent Australia at the Miss Universe pageant, wearing local costume. Monika was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and her parents are Serbs. They came to Australia as refugees during the war, when Monika was four years old. She graduated from Psychology at the University of Sidney.

(Source: hayat.ba/ photo objektivno)

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