A Citizen of Iraq, one of the leading Organizers of International Smuggling of Migrants, arrested in Sarajevo

Inspectors of the Service for Foreigners Affairs, members of the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of the Interior, in cooperation with the Intelligence and Security Agency (OSA), located and detained an Iraqi citizen with the initials S.J.

The operation was carried out on the basis of operational data collected by inspectors for foreigners, and the Iraqi was detained on Friday in the area of the Municipality of Stari Grad.

The said person was found to pose a threat to the public order and security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to his connection with organized crime, and he was sentenced to expulsion and placed under supervision in the Immigration Center.

Namely, this is a person who is one of the leading organizers in the chain of international smuggling of migrants on the Western Balkan route.

Also, during the joint action, 14 more foreign nationals were found, who were brought into contact with the above-mentioned Iraqi, and due to their illegal stay in BiH, they were ordered to be expelled from BiH and placed under surveillance, in order to create all necessary conditions for their removal from BiH.

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