A Night at Trnopolje: A History Class in the former Concentration Camp

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The KVART Youth Center in Prijedor, the Optimists 2004 Association from Kozarac, and the Prijedor Source Association invites all young people from Prijedor, Banja Luka, and other cities in B&H to join the marking of August 5th, the day when the world learned of the existence of the Trnopolje concentration camp near Prijedor.

The idea of this event is an attempt to create a new approach to dealing with the past and building a culture of remembrance.

The marking will take place outdoors at the authentic site of the former camp, where young people are to spend a night under the open sky as a sign of solidarity with the victims. The program will start at 8 p.m. and will last well into the night. It will include debates, film screenings, and other activities that may encourage reflection and discussion among young people. The intention is to provide a safe space for young people from different parts of the country – with different backgrounds and identities – for an open and honest discussion about the events from the past war and their consequences. The following morning, after the marking, a joint trip to the commemoration at the former Omarska concentration camp is scheduled.

“We invite all young people from B&H, human rights activists, and all other citizens to join us for the overnight stay at the open space of the former Trnopolje camp. The program aims not only pay tribute and show solidarity with the victims, but also to serve as an attempt to understand what happened during the past war, as well as an attempt to find a proper attitude towards these issues today”, the organizers said.

Transportation costs will be covered for all participants interested in attending this event.

Applications can be submitted to the email address kvartprijedor@gmail.com with the basic information (name and surname, phone number, place where one comes from). For all questions and concerns, the same address can be contacted.

This year, the “Night at Trnopolje” is being organized in cooperation with CODA Sarajevo, supported by the ZFD Dorum and Friedrich Ebert Foundation in B&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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