A simple Answer to the Question ‘What is a Bosnian?’

received_1120580991326189Former presenter in shows for children and one of the most famous Santa Claus impersonators in BiH, Mladen Jeličić Troko, gave a simple definition of the term ‘Bosnian’ in one interview.
In the same interview, Troko spoke about former children’s shows, generations that grew up with quality and educational TV programs.

“Today we have quasi presenters in shows for kids and little attention is paid to pedagogy. Many children grew up with me and that makes my heartache even greater – to see the situation as it is now. I am terrified of these newfangled cartoons that are very poorly synchronized and full of violence,” Troko said.

Furthermore, Troko answered to the question ‘What is a Bosnian?’

“A Bosnian is what a Bosnian has always been. Little bit of Bosniaks or Muslims, little bit of Croats, little bit of Serbs, little bit of the others… That is a Bosnian.”

Moreover, the popular Troko added:
“Many people cannot prove nor do they have knowledge about their ancestry. Militaries have passed through our country in all directions and no one can swear in the chastity of his or her grand-grand-grandmother. Without a serious genetic analysis, we will never prove that we are just one people of different religious affiliations. My son can choose his religious affiliation today and that is his right”.
(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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